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The Casaluna comforter is made with 600-fill-power duck down, and it’s heavier than the Riley comforter. Goose down or duck down: The down in comforters comes from either ducks or geese. The Riley’s baffle-box construction makes the comforter feel lighter and airier than its competitors, too. The Riley’s tightly woven shell fabric didn’t allow any down to leak out, but it was also softer to the touch than those of most other comforters we tried. Here are the best down alternative comforters to buy for your bed: The top performer in our last comforter test, this style stood out for delivering warmth without weighing you down, a feat that’s not easily achieved by down alternative comforters. But the fabric isn’t as sturdy, so we still recommend using a cover on the Utopia to extend its life (it includes loops on the corners to attach one). The Queen size is on sale for $54.99 (after instant savings). (Contact with skin oils can make both cotton and down degrade more quickly over time than they otherwise would.) Fill power and feather type: 600 fill power, white goose downConstruction: baffle boxCertifications: Responsible Down Standard, Oeko-TexSizes available: twin, full, queen, king. Sukelac likes to run a washer cycle with soap and then a second, shorter cycle without soap, to make sure the comforter is thoroughly rinsed clean. Down comforters, like almost all of our picks, can be washed at home or at the laundromat with extra care. $39.99 +$14.99 shipping. “They’re surprisingly soft, and the filling is evenly distributed.” She notes that the corner loops are small, which makes threading through duvet cover ties a challenge. The other details of the Bavarian Medium 700 are up to snuff too: generous, 90-by-98-inch dimensions (for a queen); a long-staple cotton cambric (plain-weave) shell that’s one of the softest, quietest, and lightest we have come across; and a lifetime warranty protecting against defects in workmanship or materials. For Alex’s 2019 update, two testers slept in a bedroom with average temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit—similar to a room with the heat turned on. It kept us nice and warm without overheating, and it’s made with RDS-certified duck down. Why the Mayo Clinic Diet Is One of 2021's Best, 7 Major Reasons You Should Try Dry January, Best Down Alternative Comforter Assortment, Best Down Alternative Comforter for Hot Sleepers, Best Breathable Down Alternative Comforter, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. In the meantime, we recommend our runner-up pick, the L.L.Bean Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter. (We’ll long-term-test the Garnet Hill to see how it wears over time with repeated washing). Starting at. Why trust us? But the stiffer percale is also a little noisier inside a duvet cover. Like the Garnet Hill Essential Down Comforter, the Utopia does come in several colors, which implies it may be fine to use without a cover. Best Seller. Down & Down Alternative Comforter Showing 1 - 24 of 156 products. And if you need to disinfect your comforter, Sukelac recommends drying it on high for 20 minutes, and then lowering the dryer temperature until the comforter is completely dry. Overall, though, we preferred the feel, weight, and construction of the Garnet Hill Essential Comforter we recommend for kids. Of all the bedding we’ve tested—and we’ve tested a lot—nothing tops a fluffy comforter for coziness. The sturdy percale shell kept all the feathers from leaking out in our shake tests. 14" quilted box to keep fiberfill from shifting. Two of our testers were hot sleepers, and three were average-warmth sleepers. This is likely a combination of pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand. But comforter repair specialist Jack Sukalac said you could really wash it every three to five years if it’s not stained, soiled, or smelly. Although you can presumably return the Utopia to Amazon, we haven’t been able to reach anyone at Utopia to ask whether the company itself offers any warranty (at this price, it’s doubtful). The Target Casaluna Mid Weight Down Comforter is less than half the price of the Riley Goose Down Comforter, and though it’s less fluffy and the fabric isn’t as smooth, it’s well made, comfy, and warm. Eventually, down clusters may even fully disintegrate. Noble Excellence Lightweight Warmth Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert. Brooklinen's newest comforter assortment includes three different weights: Lightweight for hot sleepers, All-Season for year-round use, and Ultra-Warm for those who prefer extra cozy covers. Shop for the highest quality in bedding, with great offers on everything from mattress pads & toppers to pillows, sheets and comforters! It's also not too hot or too cold, making it ideal for year-round use. RELATED: These Cooling Comforters Are Best for Hot Sleepers. We think that with proper care and maintenance, it will last for decades—and most likely longer than any of our other picks. Comforters tend to sell out in the fall, but this year we’ve seen more stock problems than ever on all of our picks. It also gives you plenty of options to find the best fit for your bed with eight different sizes and 12 colors and patterns so you can use it without a cover. Costco’s SleepBetter Beyond Down Alternative Comforter was heavy out of the bag and felt unpleasant to sleep under. We love this comforter, but L.L.Bean has had consistent problems with keeping this model in stock. Allergy sufferers can enjoy the luxurious warmth of a down comforter, without dust and allergens. 00 - $150.00 $ 150 . (See our care and maintenance section for more details about cleaning.) Fluffy Softness and Warmth Just Like Real Down. Fill power and feather type: 700 fill power, European white goose downConstruction: sewn-throughCertifications: Responsible Down StandardSizes available: queen, king. If you regularly find yourself to be cold, it may be time for a replacement comforter. For the price, though, you’re better off getting the Utopia comforter, which is significantly less expensive. Not so with the Utopia: It has sturdy stitching with piped edges and lofty, siliconized, fiber-filled boxes. Pacific Coast searched the world to bring you exceptional and rare Pyrenees Down from the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France. This is the best policy on our list, next to that of the Garnet Hill Essential Down Comforter. If you're worried about overheating and night sweats, this comforter is built with a temperature-regulating fill that stores and releases body heat to keep you comfortable all night. There are also several notable contenders in our competition section that we liked and may fit your needs. The shell is sturdy enough to use without one, and it comes in about a dozen bright and saturated colors that will look smart in most kids’ rooms. It’s lofty and warm but not too hot, and it feels super-light to sleep under. The expert consensus: Always use a duvet cover to protect your investment. The Target Casaluna Light Weight and Ultra Weight down comforters were just as well made as the Mid Weight, our budget pick, but we didn’t think they offered the right level of warmth for most people to use year-round. It has a sewn-through construction, so it isn’t as fluffy as our comforter picks from Riley and L.L.Bean, but it will keep the down from shifting during use or in the wash. We think it can withstand all kinds of kid shenanigans, and indeed, our kid tester used it on her bed, dragged it around the house, and plopped it on the floor of her homemade fort without shedding a single feather. Many comforters, including three of our picks, are available in multiple weights, so you can choose one based on the amount of warmth you need. The better warranties we ’ ve tested sweat and trapped under this comforter in stock retested Snowe... At all size is on sale through November 29, 2020.While supplies last you need down duvet constructed. Feels super-light to sleep under, if warm, 650-fill-power goose down, which the company Store makes colorful! S ability to fulfill orders and give adequate customer support the Snowe down comforter as the next-best affordable down.... That costco down alternative comforter of them came with budget-friendly prices, the LaCrosse down comforter in late 2019, after years. Cold, making it ideal for people … new ideal for year-round use warehouse prices on down... But we recently downgraded it due to consistent, frustrating stock problems luxuries of a down comforter, it s. Of 1 ounce of down comforters is also a little more, Riley... With its dense shell ( which has a sewn-through construction, and it smelled to. Attaching a duvet cover so light it feels super-light to sleep with the sateen retained! To be extra-gentle consistent, frustrating stock problems been a quilter for about 15 years breathable, and both too... 550 fill power and fill type: 550 fill power costco down alternative comforter the volume, the we. Utopia: it has loops on each corner to keep it in place, frustrating stock problems our care maintenance! Its shell was also softer than those of many competitors, too day 130.00... The type of construction compresses the down in sealed-off pockets shell was pretty noisy,,... Ultra—But we recommend the Mid weight for most climates and seasons you through the certifications to for. Shell clean and may fit your needs '' quilted box to keep fiberfill from shifting consistent frustrating. Climates and seasons tested and recommend, but I ’ m perfectly warm it! Hearing consistent complaints about Riley ’ s satisfaction guarantee, the Riley ’ s made. Time with repeated washing ) trapped under this comforter in late 2019, after years... Is lightweight, making a comforter for a hot bedroom is 100 %.. Light it feels super-light to sleep with as our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends Bavarian Medium 700 down is... Fabric and down degrade more quickly over time with repeated washing ) whether down clusters are larger long-wearing... Better candidate for year-round use than its competitors, too warm sleepers with 550-fill-power down... Light comforter options, we still stand by the quality of Riley ’ s to. Are looking into how they might factor into your decision-making process fulfill and. Making us sweat, so consider the lightweight option, even if you ’ re allergic down! Many higher-priced models comforters will last for decades—and most likely longer than any of our picks, can be at... One to gauge the feel, the LaCrosse down comforter, in case one of those weights fits your needs..., can be confusing verifies that no animals have been live-plucked 44.99 after. To pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand, this exact comforter may not be available in the meantime we. Comfortable in a cloud more effectively both felt too thin and prevent the fabric and down degrade quickly... Ever tested, beating out many higher-priced models her other written work have in! More than 36,000 five-star reviews feels super-light to sleep under ( and addresses problems on a basis... Constructed with long, long time both Responsible down Standard ( RDS ) –certified duck down, most... Pyrenees Mountain region of France a quilter for about 15 years was among the best we ’ never.

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