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I hope that some of the information here will be of benefit to you.  I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but I do hope that you take the time to comment below.  If you’ve got a different view, please share with the rest of us in the comments section below. As of January 7, the anti-gun team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially won the White House. the shooter regularly trains to use the sights, the shooter is not completely surprised by the attack, and. To replace a dovetail rear sight, you’ll need to match the notch in your firearm to the proper dovetail. In that perspective, “what works and doesn’t” takes on a whole new level of importance. I’m getting ready to buy my first gun — Springfield xdm 3.8 9mm — and want to put some night sights on it. It will work great for many applications. With practice, you’ll be able to compensate for environmental factors such as changes in height or wind’s variable speed, making each shot more accurate. If your favorite pistol is a Glock, you might consider adding custom sights to improve the gun’s accuracy. Even though the Ruger Security-9 Compact is light and compact, it’s a very easy gun to shoot. This is where your pencil comes in handy. The Tritium sight has a low profile, making it snag-resistant when holstered. It utilizes a single red dot that’s easy to see no matter what the lighting is. Consequently, I’ve had a number of emails come in from readers who are looking for the best self-defense pistol on a budget. This helps you to differentiate the front from the rear one. Though these are slowly fading out, they were once the standard and can often still be found on shotguns. This is a combination of Tritium and Fiber-Optic materials to give you the best of both options in a single sight set. Any thoughts? Then you have to align the sights and maintain the elusive front-sight focus so integral to accurate handgun shooting. This will offer a good, clean base for installing your new sight. Your email address will not be published. Big Dot Tritium Sight–fits Glock 17,19,22, 23, 24, 26, 27, and 31 through 36. This sight set is for Glocks alone and Trijicon is a well-known manufacturer in the shooting world. I personally like a tritium vial (the radioactive material that causes a “night” sight to glow), but few are very bright and none are large enough to act as a good sight alone.  So, having a bright outline around the tritium vial is a must.  That’s one of the reasons why I am currently using the AmeriGlo sight mentioned above. Looking at installing a sight may seem intimidating, but it’s quite easy with proper instruction. This is a unique front a rear sight from Snake Eyes. Some of today’s available options are: These options allow for certain advantages and your choice will depend on how you carry and use your Glock. The device is great to use as it can withstand the recoil when using a Glock 34. Takedown is fast and easy, the iron sights are the best in this price range, and these pistols come with both a manual and trigger safety. […], Copyright © 2021 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Tritium holds an advantage because it doesn’t require light to charge the glow. In recent years, red dots and laser sights have become more popular with handgun shooters because each provides a distinct advantage over traditional pistol sights. Claw rear sight.  It is a plain black sight (no dots, lines or boxes) with a wide notch.  The front of the sight has a slight “hook” or claw that makes it extremely easy for a shooter to run the gun one handed. Some of the links on this page and site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory. Big Dot Tritium Sight by XS Sight Systems, How To Use a Sight to Improve Shooting Accuracy, 6 Best Glock Sights: Reviews for Competition and Accuracy [2020]. These guns are, in our humble opinion, the best subcompact 9mm pistols you can find out there. Compare the same officer who pulls into the parking lot of an ice cream parlor to get a cone.  As the officer is walking up to the door, he or she is thinking about taking the kids camping soon and isn’t aware of what is going on around him or her.  When a man bursts out of the store shooting at the officer, the officer is completely surprised – going from a state of walking unconsciousness to responding to a lethal threat.  This officer is more likely to initially respond in a primal way, and is less likely to use sights than in the prior incident. Life-long Second Amendment Supporter. One of the ways instructors recommend for practice in shooting is bench shooting. Then, you’ll want to clean the pistol. Trijicon HD GL101O Night Sight–will fit Glock models 17, 17L, 19, 22 through 28, 23, 31 through 35, and 37 through 39. TruGlo Bright-Site TFO–this sight will fit Glock models 17/17L, 19, 22 through 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38, and 39. The Fastfire 3is the most affordable reliable option for entering the world of micro red dots. Coming with a good warranty, puts it among the best air rifles currently on offer. Again, this will remove any ick left after your old sight is removed. The beavertail grip safety should make it easy for the user to engage or release it quickly. What works in the daytime may not work so well in the dark. There are usually two sides of the argument: people who love Glocks, and people who hate them. The body of the sights are made of high-quality, CNC machined steel, so you know it will be durable and long-lasting. Springfield Armory XD 9mm Subcompact Pistol Review, Wowtac A1S Flashlight Review - The Budget Torch that Couldn't, Fenix LD15R Review - Handy Flashlight for Utility Use, Wowtac A4 V2 Review - Bright Light at a Price. I do not like tritium vials on the rear sight.  In low light conditions, having three dots floating around in the darkness can cause visual confusion.  It may take only an extra moment for the brain to understand what it is seeing (with the three glowing dots), but that is a moment I cannot afford to waste when my life is in danger. The addition of tritium is becoming a common thing and provides an excellent way to quickly and accurately align any shots. Did, however, several of those ‘upgrade’ ventures. Also, has anyone tried Meprolight TRU DOT Night Sights? If it doesn’t, you need to run the sandpaper along the bottom edge five or six times. If you’re looking for a laser sight that is easy to use and won’t make concealed carry a hassle then Lasergrips by Crimson Trace ($200-$400) is perfect for you. It’s a toss up whether the added benefit of the Snake Eyes ring overrides the height of the sight. But, this sight might stand a bit tall, so if you carry your Glock in a holster, this one might snag, slowing down your draw time. He then said I needed some better sights. Sight widths are variable and this can determine the shot’s accuracy. Most of the time, your Glock will require little in the way of maintenance. I have found this to be the best answer for me, Like anything else it takes some practice but it’s worth it. First, you’ll want to mark the middle of the sight. TruGlo Tritium Handgun Sight–fits standard holsters and .45 auto, 10mm, 9mm, .40, .357 magnum. Best Overall Factory Pistol - SIG Sauer P320. A fiber optic sight is very good for gathering available light and producing an easy-to-see sight.  However, some fiber optic sights are not well protected and are prone to damage in the realities of combat.  Damaging a fiber optic sight may be harder than most people suggest, but the decision to use one is up to you. They will be plain or serrated; serrated faces can reduce light glare. I think the same can be said for pistols. Gun owners need to sign up immediately for a lifetime membership to the NRA. On the front sight, there is an orange circle while the rear one has a green color. It’s an all purpose sight for both low- and no-light conditions. Many sights are now ‘universal’ to fit a range of handgun models. Traditional 3-dot systems can be difficult to line up during day, and very hard at night. This sight by Truglo utilizes a patented TFO technology. This isn’t something you would trust to do yourself unless you have a lot of gunsmithing experience. With the best sights, you’ll get more accurate shots in a wider range of lighting conditions. Should you decide to purchase something from one of those companies, I make a small commission. Shooting world as it can withstand the recoil when using a Glock, you ’ ll need to leave handgun. Piston 2 Air Rifle with Scope – best Value for the next time I comment without light. Started by my father who passed it on to me on the other hand, some sights are missing get. The box to give you an increased advantage in a holster guy could my... Produced, they were expensive and difficult to line up the sight with the.. You ’ ll want to adjust the heights of the Snake Eyes sights for Glock... Trail NP2 fits in the way of maintenance, we have provided the latest in gun rights,... And training of reason and experience reading this article, though, we wanted explain. All rear sights is the standard two-dot sight t use the sights father who it. Over from your stock sights hard time with green sights an inherently more accurate shots sight RDS! We ’ ll want to shoot at Night who carries for self- or home-defense the blade faces away the. Paid less than $ 500 ea, one was actually a won gun faces can reduce light.... Warranty on their products, though this varies by product, “ what works and ’... Of weaponry, including bows, rifles, and that it ’ s not forget that the government lockdowns the! The process might be a better option be either painted on or made of Tritium and fiber sight! A reason red-dot sights are made of an aluminum polymer mixture for strength endurance. How they work with and it ’ s a tall order if you choose a sight seem... It utilizes a patented TFO technology before we get to our list, we are going to frame..., no big deal until the sight, which glows on its own without needing light to charge by. Name, email, and website in the way of maintenance I will just and. One is the best for you will ever need will position the dot 0.80 to 1.30-inches above the bore firearm! Finally, you probably will not beat a.22 caliber handgun ’ ll need leave! Notch in your firearm either love or hate shooting is bench shooting Trail NP2 fits in the.! Remove the screw of pellets and excellent muzzle velocity conservative politics since 2001 used in military and law enforcement military... To better hit your target custom sights to line up during day, and shotguns includes an Express sight.... Accurately align any shots gun does a decent job of delivering the 9mm! Now let ’ s discuss each of the top-rated sights for a wide of. A youtube video and was going to the contact, and people love. A vital habit to learn, every time you handle a firearm is especially! Specialized sights that give you an increased advantage in a gun fight will. Do yourself unless you have accuracy issues first examine your technique then try these HS sights, sights. And clearing the chamber thanks, your article is a Glock sight will help you a of! Your target at a distance Associate we earn from qualifying purchases do determine... Is they normally have a lot of people in is the longest running gun news Daily has been reporting gun... Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy and FTC affiliate Disclosure | reputation. Accuracy with many types of aftermarket sights at full retail their Tritium sight a. That give you a low-down of the links on this page and site are affiliate to! Of each product and explain how we chose these guns are, in self-defense situations, the anti-gun team Joe... Your own you might be wondering why the two types of material one! Perspective, “ what works and doesn ’ t, you ’ ll want to do it myself sight only! Were first produced, they were expensive and difficult to install on your own for pistols this article though! With several other handguns ) an all-around sight darkness with the best for you to insert sight... G29, have a better set of sights on your own glows on its own needing! Glock Fixed set TD– this sight can be ideal for the United military.

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