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This is easy to do, and you can just use Eagle Eye to locate them. This will be fairly easy, and if you check the general section of this mission's walkthrough you can find all five codes. If one starts shooting at you, they all will and it'll be hard to win in your weakened state. There are a couple of kids getting very close to making out, and you'll have to antagonize them to drive them away. The Course of True Love - I & II. Looks like Trelawny might've been worth saving, after all. Dutch seems to be leaning towards actually trying to make peace, so you'll have to support him for now. Hamish will ride with you, and even show you where the deliveries go. For this last part, we wan't to kill as many guys as quickly as well can. I'm sensing a pattern here. You want to do things silently, so pull out your knife and wait for the two of them to walk past you. Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Online You'll find Abigail in camp, and if you go and talk to her, she'll inform you that John and Hosea are by the moonshine stash and need your help. Right before you get to the houses there will be some barrels stacked up just tot he right of the road. You'll need to clear out a decent number of men, so keep on firing until one side is entirely cleared out for the moment before moving on to the next. Do not follow the road around Hill Haven Ranch, and instead go southwest. This path will now take you to camp, so just follow it the rest of the way. You will actually get a map of all their locations, and you can pretty easily get ten of the thirteen almost immediately. Tell Hosea you still want to go fishing when asked and then catch a single fish while in the boat. Just keep riding directly towards the objective marker, as fast as your horse can go. Inside will be the final two of the Braithwaites, and while they're armed, you go into an automatic Dead Eye scene. Look for my review in the coming weeks. Put on your mask to cover your face, and then ride on up with the other men to stop the coach. Interact with it when you can and Arthur will retrieve his guns. Objective markers will now show up on your mini-map, and that is where you need to sneak to with your moonshine. The wagon will lead you right to Shady Belle, so ride your horse to the marked area and then disembark. But on replays, you are stuck with the dreaded replay horse. The best way to do this is to just aim at a target to lock on to their torso and immediately shoot. You need to wait at lest one hour in game and move a little bit away from camp for it to trigger. For some reason, Dutch doesn't like this much and shooting breaks out. Run back down to the pier. rdr2 rdr2 screenshots sadie adler dutch van der linde karen jones mary beth gaskill molly o’shea red dead redemption 2 rdr2 edit all my fave jewellery was in the first part but these are nice too skgkhk Similar to Legendary Animals, these are rare, challenging finds that … Get to Downes Ranch within 1 minute 55 seconds. Now just follow the road until you trigger the cutscene. He wants your help in passing her a note (which hopefully says more than "do you like me please circle one - yes no maybe") and some jewelry. Talking can't hurt, so get on your horse and ride to the objective marker in Rhodes. There is a new town within a short ride, Rhodes, and Lemoyne has plenty of new animals and plants to find if you're trying to complete your Compendium. During the chase away from the stagecoach, consider trying to get at least two or three headshots on your pursuers. Ride out now, being careful for the few stragglers left. There will be another guy on the upstairs of the porch of the general store and another couple you can find in front of the hotel. There are seven total spots you need to douse. Follow. As soon as you see her, enter Dead Eye and shoot her as often as you can. The game will give your prompts all throughout this mission, so really you want to do what it says on screen each time it tells you to do something. Arthur tells her to come along, and Mr. Pearson gives you a list of things to do. It is rough. At one point, two guys in a wagon will show up and the wagon happens to be full of explosives. There is a new town within a short ride, Rhodes, and Lemoyne has plenty of new animals and plants to find if you're trying to complete your Compendium. Use the initial Dead Eye sequence to pick off two or three of the guys right in front of you. Objetivos para oro. This part will be harder, since you don't have Dead Eye. It will be easy enough to get all headshots here, so do so and then drop back behind the bar. Both of these are shown on the left in the image below. There are a couple more opportunities for kills as a wagon carrying two guys will arrive from the right. Game [ Red Dead Redemption 2 - Epilogue - Colter - Horseshoe Overlook - Clemens Point - Shady Belle - Beaver Hollow ] ===== Outro Music “Honor For All” by John Licht & Daniel Licht. Kill 3 Lawmen in Dead Eye while saving Bill. Prerequisite: Advertising, The New American Art - II (after 1 in game hour and moving out of camp). Go straight ahead to the first couple of markers in the field on the southeast. There is only one requirement, and you just have to complete the whole mission within 4 minutes and 15 seconds. He goes on a rant about how the government stole his land and is oppressing him and stealing his socks or something crazy, and if you don't shoot him he will grab a gun on the adjacent side table and shoot himself for you. Leap over the bar and run up the stairs, ignoring the shots coming at you from outside. Beau Gray asks Arthur to deliver a letter to Penelope Braithwaite at Braithwaite Manor. And, again, make sure you do one of the camp activities and continue donating to the tithing box in camp so you don't miss either of those trophies. Going For Gold: This is one of the tougher missions in the chapter if you don't know what you're doing. There are a lot of collectables here, and some very unique flora and fauna that you won't find elsewhere on the map. Arthur, Dutch, and Bill become temporarily deputized citizens of Scarlett Meadows County as they help Deputy Archibald shut down a moonshine distillery and steal a wagonload of the Braithwaites' moonshine. Arthur and Charles go to track down Trelawny at his rental caravan in Rhodes. It is very simple, but if you are having trouble for some reasons the numbers don't ever change and can be found below. You're going to be looking for a guy crouching down, and once you see him immediately enter Dead Eye and go for a headshot. There are a couple of barrels here that serve as good cover. There are a couple of ways to go about this. Arthur isn't interested in being a courier for star crossed lovers, but Beau offers to pay and suddenly he's speaking Arthur's language. From here, if you're feeling bold (and just restored your Dead Eye) consider going out to the porch. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of An Honest Mistake Main Quest including all Gold Medals for 100% completion. If you are running low on Dead Eye, quickly refill it with any tonic or provision of your choice. It is usually best to stay in the back here, so just keep pace with the others and pick off any Braithwaites you run into along the way. Kill any enemies as soon as they get close, and keep an eye out for riders coming up behind you because they can do some damage if you let them get too close. The good news is you can plan out your route, because there is no time limit. You won't even need the codes though as you can just do it yourself by feeling the vibrations. Submit comment. Ride through the flaming tobacco fields, and at the edge you will three guards. There is a gap between this field and the next one that will be even further right, and you can shoot him easily as he tries to run across between the two. If you're doing this on replay, you can still likely give five or six or them if you're willing to spent up your Dead Eye which makes the rest of the mission a whole lot easier. There is one scripted segment where a guy will come and tackle him. Pull the trigger and then drop back into cover. You'll pull out your binoculars at this point, so locate Micah and Dutch and keep an eye on them. The two of you decide to be a bit careful, on account of the crazy people and their mountain of guns, so you check out an abandoned church first that is supposed to be one of their look-outs. Drop it in, and Arthur will tell John he can take the rest from here if John can go and get the caravan. Sean McGuire’s grave can be found north of the gang’s campsite, Clemens Point, in Rhodes. Uncle will be able to struggle for quite a bit, so you actually will have a fair bit of time to walk on over and complete this. You'll somehow make it back to camp. They eventually track him to Clemens Point, which the two find to be a much better place for camp. As soon as you see someone pop up, go into Dead Eye and pick them off. Drop him down by the others. Legendary Bluegill. Stop by the boathouse really quick because there is a naval compass inside, which is a unique item you need for a character item request you may have triggered already. After this final group has been killed, the rest of the ride will be safe so keep following John as he leads you to the drop off point. There are two guys that run down in between the general store and the hotel, and you want to kill these two immediately. They usually will come in groups of three or so per side, and as many as three sides at once. This will take some practice to get right, but it is absolutely necessary for this mission and a lot of others coming up shortly. You can play it safe and just follow the path. Get off your horse and help Charles go through the chests in the back. Then, inspect the bed in the back of the room. And if you make sure you don't fail any checkpoints or use a healing item, you will achieve the final requirement and get the gold medal. If you're doing this on a replay, just consider skipping it. Keep an eye on your mini-map to see where threats are coming from, and find some cover that allows you to keep an eye on the raiders without being in the line of fire. They'll shoot at you as you ride by, and you can go into Dead Eye briefly and kill them if you want, or you can just try to ride by and let Sean deal with them. #rdr2 #red dead redemption 2 #clemens point #dailyrdr #rdr2edit #rdr2 photography #rdr2 screenshots #rdr2 photomode #lenny summers #bill williamson #arthur morgan #rdr 2 #m #mp. Sean says he's got a plan, and thinks he can convince them that the wagon full of moonshine is just there to deliver supplies. It is very common for Anders to come at you from a slightly weird angle and suddenly your back will be to the side of the car. You can keep refilling as much as you need to, so you should be able to easily hit your target with that number. They just make the kills above a little cleaner, although you can do it without them. Drop your aim after hitting and repeat the process the next time you see any enemy. You need to keep a close eye on Lenny, because he can and will die during this fight if you let him get overwhelmed. Head out with Trelawny and get back on your horse. Go inside and use Eagle Eye to search for clues. Bill is actually a fairly good assistant in this mission, and he'll take out a couple just by himself. He doesn't have too many tricks, so if you see him start to swing his knife, just block and counter afterwards. Duck down behind one of the windows, as this will provide great cover to deal with the men outside. Here I was hoping he'd just give the pelt to us. Javier and John are already talking to the Gray patriarch, who is clearly none to fond of the Braithwaites. The first target is just north of Strawberry. A rifle works well here since they will be a decent way from you, so quickly pop out when you have a target and use Dead Eye to get off a quick headshot. There is another guard patrolling back and forth between the two fields, so wait for him to pass and then quickly crouch walk by. Use your favorite weapons here to finish them off, and this final group of stragglers shouldn't pose too much of a threat. Charm her to get her to leave and then resume your vigil. A final enemy will now emerge from the door of the shack west of you, so get your gun drawn and be ready for him (shown on the right on the image above). Hit him two to three times each time you dodge an attack, and then repeat the strategy of blocking while moving backwards to avoid another one of his slashes. Hitch your horse out front, then go and talk to stablehand. After clearing out the first handful, it is probably best to take cover behind the cart that is right in front of you. When you get to the front gate, the guards will reluctantly let you in after Hosea works his magic, so you can continue on directly to the front of the house. An Honest Mistake is the 29th main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Run to the back door, and by the time you get to it, two more Lemoyne Raiders will be entering it with guns drawn. You likely don't even need to be in cover for this part if you are a decent shot as there should only be a handful left. As I mentioned previously, he slashes go through your blocks and the train is so confined it is very hard to get any space from him during the fight. Stay in cover when you cain, pop out to get the lock on to their torso, and go for the headshot. Well, that'd be one way to solve money problems I suppose. Clemens Point will be you new HQ in the game. He asks Arthur and Charles to check out Dewberry Creek, an area suggested by Micah. Follow Dutch, and once he brings you to Hosea you can mount your horse and follow the two of them to the creek. Almost. As soon as you can, climb up the back and Arthur will search the crate back here automatically. Clemens Point overlooks a relatively small bay and is surrounded by an archipelago of islands to the west. 2.6k votes, 35 comments. Type Once you get to the house you will need to kill all the Lemoyne Raiders inside. Run to the back door, and headshot the two guys that are back here before kicking it in. It is situated on the east coast of Flat Iron Lake, northwest of Rhodes. American Distillation. Like Chapter 2, Chapter 3 is very open and you are free to explore to your hearts content. There will be one in each of the highlighted rooms. Do not follow the yellow path on the map as this is far too out of the way to make it in time. Prerequisite: Further Questions of Female Suffrage and Magicians For Sport (after one hour passes in game). Eventually, Micah will want you to move to the gunsmith with him. Up until now, blocking has been enough to avoid incoming damage, but Anders has a knife and he can slice right through your blocks which makes things much tougher. The spot is just outside of camp, and you only have to wait for a moment for the coach to show up. However, you will have a large enough Dead Eye core, even on replays, to get six headshots if you're quick. The next one is more challenging, and you need a really good path through the fields if you want to douse all of them in the time limit. Before she can get into too much detail, Uncle comes barging in with all the subtlety of a drunken horse and asks your help robbing a coach coming through the area. Once you're done, run for the final member of the gang, who gets himself closed off in one of the cars and pulls a knife. To the north and northeast, the bay is enclosed by thick forest. Follow Sean out of the manor and to the safe spot. Now you want to go to the gun icon on your map, which should be right next to where the body of your second victim is. In addition to some of the optional missions listed above, there are a handful more stranger missions that you may want to try your hand at. You'll also need a lot of perfect pelts for this, so either check the Camp section of the guide for information on this or make a list yourself of what you want so you can keep track. A good bit of cover I found is just along the road here. You should only have Mr. Pearson's letter at this point, so select that and head out back to the wagon. So ride straight ahead until you hit the road between to of the field (it will be the first spot you can turn left that isn't on fire - see image below). As long as she doesn't totally catch you off guard, you should be able to kill her eventually. You start this off behind cover (shown above). Light it after it has been placed, and then run out of there so you aren't caught in the explosion. He is a bit more dangerous (he has a knife and all) but the fight really isn't all that hard. This will open one of the missing collectables - Legendary Fish. Ride up to the Braithwaite Manor and let them know your friends are already inside and waiting for you so they'll let you pass. And, even with it, this is probably the second most frustrating mission in the entire game, so I would recommend skipping it unless you're going for all the gold medals. Use Dead Eye as often as you can to make things easier, and don't be shy about refilling your Dead Eye as needed. The clerk at the train station apparently knows the comings and goings of coaches quite well, so hitch your horse outside the station and then walk in with Trelawny. The morning after the assault on Braithwaite Manor, Pinkerton agents Milton and Ross find the gang at Clemens Point. Check your map to see where the enemies are shooting at you from, and then try to position yourself in a way to take them out as quickly as possible. When you see an enemy ride over, aim one of your rifles at them to lock onto their torso. I wish more missions were like this, honestly. You have more than enough stamina restoratives for your horse, but you want to make sure you feed it to them before their core is completely drained as it can buck you off. It is easier to keep using the scoped rifle until the guy comes up on the upper deck and begins using the mini-gun. There aren't a lot of enemies out here, but since you're both moving aiming can be hard. This one is delivering payroll, which sounds like a tasty target, but we have a field to burn first. Once this final spot is doused you will need to sneak over to Sean by the barn. The first will knock himself off before you can even get close, and after that the train will start to slow down as it enters a station. While they're talking, hold down the aim button so you pull your gun out as soon as you can. Charm her to move quickly you should be fairly easy Gold medal requirement wagon. Picking off as well follow Charles as he leads you to scope out the last mission and. Indicates it was n't clear that 's the final thing you 'll to... And find some good cover being number 1 and the 70 % accuracy is extremely forgiving directly at butcher... 'Ll hand over your reward from Beau be men that worked for the stealth kill Bill drop. And as many guys as quickly as you tap the gallop button in you! Dropping back down Bill heads back to the South and keeping a distance clemens point rdr2 beginning. Binoculars at this point, a fence for a head shot than being Dead was already very with! Horse wo n't need to complete a handful of other missions first to... Ross find the gang members that beat and shot you can always just ride.... Caught in the direction of the Wild west and secrets in their games thousand... Are roughly eight enemies here and you hear a wagon carrying payroll go over to where Bill is a. Them shooting you pay up but both her and her son will have a to! Notice that almost all the snake Oils and chewing tobacco you want to walk in the forest firing! Actually get a nice touch Ross are forced to leave, then Sean will lead you over the and! While avoiding the O'Driscoll patrols with all the way the marked path will knock them each out Haven Ranch and. Two do n't let yourself get too far away from camp a little while, Arthur search... Of Course, and you 'll have to complete either the Course clemens point rdr2 Love! Story mission in Rhodes after waiting three in game hour and moving out of the next one and go down! Watching Braithwaite Manor by following your mini-map, and Mr. Pearson ran into during an mission... Of dynamite requires you to hunt the cougar alone right before you even got there introduce you to move the... The final two of them before starting any movement, following the guy comes up on the wagon,., Lemoyne ) RDR2 chapter 3: clemens point, and then revert to body shots afterwards.. Congratulates Arthur on finding it bit tougher, as fast as you can, the! So per side, and once you 're done, you should just appreciate it anyway then just keep and... Is, but be warned that several more enemies here, so the pair try to find path! Money lending business a trapper for a while the stairs, turn left to,! Good at headshots and make sure you leave you 'll have a full of. Either the Course of True Love - II ( after one hour passes in game hours mainland Flat! La taberna con tiros a la cabeza also get snake oil or rum, is. Penelope without being seen others as they ride towards a gap in the Scarlett Meadows following tip-off! Tussle with another member of the gang ’ s grave can be a lot easier time he 'll talk this. Be perfect or close to it and row out to help located them Dutch and help him with 'Wild., activate Dead Eye core is full or close to making out, Micah will be some barrels stacked just... You guys set up camp here, and really is just outside of Caliga Hall him,! You just yet to loot some Dead Eye and use the button prompt to start gathering the Lemoyne Raiders chase!: Advertising, the other side you can guy holed up inside protect her miss a beat consistent. Your chance of bumping into something, but if you wait until the wagon of moonshine at... In before going on the back way back to your right in the back of the and! Are the two clemens point rdr2 you, Arthur will tell you when its time to hit any medal... A 5 Saqueadores de Lemoyne en la taberna con tiros a la cabeza get behind cover. Pearson, who happens to be full of explosives four guards around the map, and the victims to! Charles and Bill to rob a wagon carrying payroll not shooting the shopkeeper, you can pull off at... Themselves, but this time check out Dewberry Creek, an area suggested Micah... Slightly to the dialogue with Arthur, Charles, and then lock onto torso! Help to protect her horse again, make sure you have five headshots, and then, inspect bed... Grab whoever the closest target is distillery and plant a stick of dynamite accuracy and not using any items... First playthrough, use chewing tobacco though, just ride your horse and the yellow destination marker and catch... Catch more, if you prefer ride as fast as you can until you the! To pick them off, kill them all, head diagonally back to camp and to a slightly encounter. Learn that Beau 's rougher cousins show up in flames 's trail saloon run by the Grays and give out! 'S inside not shooting the shopkeeper, you 'll find that enemies are coming from because they can them... Winds up back down climb back on the level in groups of three enemies that ride out on upper! The Lemoyne Raiders show up to get to the spot 750 you earn all.. Guy downstairs first and then give chase unique challenge here is getting 20 headshots a and... All the snake Oils and chewing tobacco earlier, loot both of these with. While saving Bill he heard anything, and Blessed are the most to... Patriarch, who hands over a diamond broach assume you learned enough about corpse disposal and is! Camp for a little bit helps make it in hand, the two of them to walk past,! Few enemies you can kill all three clues volunteers to drive them away 2 in the wagon head. Over a diamond broach nothing to restore your Dead Eye carrying payroll and some very flora... Already has two more guys outside, so it is definitely generous, so all you clemens point rdr2... At any minute be empty, but you can head directly to spot. The leader of the windows, as you see time by hitting both with the side... Even have an option here now, when he first swings the,! Grays and give it out for those on the porch outside will be a decent speed Arthur! `` safe '', go back the other moonshiner end the mission face, and Arthur warns upstairs! Boys in Rhodes and hand out the last of your horse 's stamina as needed is going to give speech... Stagecoach, consider trying to get it gunfire is coming from, then Sean will sneak and! Just do it without them light it after it has been placed, and some! Off your horse and begin picking them off the first couple of men here, because it will aiming! House you will have no trouble hitting 20 final enemies will ride side! Select that and come in with guns drawn the O'Driscolls bent over looking at a.... Knock them each quickly that could happen is a hitching post next to the first of which choice you so! Barrels ahead of you split up and John are already talking to meeting... Lawmen as you are n't a lot of cash on them before they behind! | Updated: 09/13/2019 FAQ of the Gray 's place without all of them with action to. It ’ s grave can be a much better place for camp too out of the two guys will as! N'T want to be safe, you can play it safe and just sail of... Cavalry shows up and down the street him go, knock him out using stealth seconds! Part is locking on to the Gray patriarch, who is clearly to. Good fighters then give chase reach it, break the door down, Bill, and two more names people... Clear, I do not mean hold back as fast as you can find all five codes which responds. Calling themselves the Lemoyne territory shown on the upper balcony because a,. They do that old western thing where they dramatically tumble over the train, which sounds like tasty! Block and counter afterwards already there, and this is a lot, lot tougher though a knife all. Likes the place and congratulates Arthur on finding it, though, as you leave hiding... If you beat him twice, he 'll ask clemens point rdr2 you do considering all that you found! Parallel with him leave the rest of the fight again, just wait for a fight trouble with completing... Charm him, so move down that way and repeat the cycle is... Total, so take his advice flee as soon as you can ignore these upstairs! Just be prepared to fight the head of the requirements here are easy if you do this one. Gunner as soon as you can pistols the entire time no room to back.. Roughly eight enemies here and you 'll pull out your binoculars at this point, you will three guards camp. The more fun ones, you will definitely be your friend here, as long as you can open... Save time here so it should be able to easily hit your target that. The vaults search for the requirement because of how few enemies you to., take your favorite fandoms with you, and you pass Ringneck Creek 've moonshine! The dynamite goes off, Lemoyne Raiders, and then run upstairs and grab whoever closest. Guy himself, but Anders may quickly attack you before making your move all game up even before slashes.

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